Omit – Repose

Omit - Repose

Omit are a four piece melodic doom metal band from Oslo.  This Norwegian contingent play huge doom soaked metal with some truly majestic female vocals.  Repose consists of five tracks that are so monumental, they needed to be spread over two discs.  With the shortest track just over fourteen minutes and the longest clocking in at a gargantuan twenty six minutes, it is fair to say there are no radio friendly singles here.  Opening with some colossal riffage ‘Scars’ incorporates haunting, darkened keys against a backdrop of blisteringly snappy drums.  Fans of Vagrant God and Skumring will be aware of the unquestionable talent of vocalist Cecilie Langlie.  In her the quartet have an exceptionally gifted frontwoman for this particular genre, whose achingly beautiful tones lift the band’s whole sound and give their songs a unique mixture of melody and broken despair, that lingers long in the memory after listening. The sole lament of violin that heralds second track ‘Fatigue’ is reminiscent of classic My Dying Bride.  Once again, Langlie shines brightest on vocals, which sound heartbreakingly resplendent.  However, it is not all about the frontwoman.  The guitars of Simonsen and Ottersen effortlessly paint a bleak and forlorn picture that most bands strive to create their whole careers and fail to do.  We at Feedback predict great things for this group and hope that the next album is not too far away.

Released via Secret Quarters,

Official site.

Omit are:
Cecilie Langlie (Vocals), Tom Simonsen (Guitars, Bass and Programming), Kjetil Ottersen (Guitars, Keys and Programming).


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