Miasmic Theory – Sound of Desperation

Miasmic Theory - Sound of Desperation

Swedish quintet Miasmic Theory (a noxious form of “bad air”) have been together since 2008 and play their own brand of ‘death ‘n’ roll groove’ music, which has also been previously categorised as Death / Thrash metal.  Here on Sound of Desperation, the Gothenburg crew have delivered a very impressive debut.  Rapidly grabbing the listener’s attention from the first few seconds of Sound of Desperation, this is the sound of  a band who know what they are doing.  And they are doing it very well.  Boasting a variety of colossal riffs and consistently well executed vocals from Thomas Persson and Lisa Hultgren, that calls to mind the style of Lamb of God’s frontman Randy Blythe.  Perhaps on reflection they should have named this record The Sound Of Pure Unadulterated Fury. The two vocalists have their own unique style and do not compete to put their stamp on the overall sound.  Hultgren sounds like a very comfortable and natural singer for the band and compliments the deathly growls of Persson.  Each and every lyric is from the pit of their stomachs and grab the listener’s attention with relative ease, steadily backed-up by the consistent rumbling drum attack of Markus Lihnell.  The lacerating guitar sounds of Valter are cyclopean; especially, considering he is the group’s sole guitarist.  Standout tracks which feature some of his expert shredding are ‘All I Am’, ‘Are You Ready’ and ‘Failure’.  In conclusion this album is well worth checking out and if this has whetted your appetite, then why not check out their video for ‘Failure’ here.

Sound of Desperation is available through Finnish label Inverse Records.

Miasmic Theory are:
Valter Koivunen (Guitar), Thomas Persson (Vocals), Lisa Hultgren (Vocals), Markus Lihnell (Drums), Oskar Frantzén (Bass).

Official Site.


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