Pagan Blood – Lords of the Seas


Lords of the seas is the latest album from French one man band Pagan Blood. The album has a strong Norse Viking theme similar to Amon Amarth while settling itself in the Pagan Metal genre. This is evident in the first track ‘Nordic Fury (Lords of the Seas part 1)’ Front-man Julien growls out his lyrics with appropriate aggression, sounding similar to Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir and complements it with some frenetic drum beats and guitar thrashing. ‘Wind of Eternity’ builds on this and comes across as a modern day war song with its constant beat and some Kirk Hammet style guitar play. ‘Wotan’s Will’ sounds positively Amon Amarth like circa Twilight of the Thunder god and ‘Guardian of Fate’ has a very aggressive sound and a pulsating, constant drum beat and angry vocals. ‘Lost Northern Island (Lords of the Seas part 2)’ is the companion piece to ‘Nordic Fury’ and therefore shares a similar style, sound and again some impressive war like drumming that gets you in a Viking mood as well as some blistering guitar riffage. ‘Helluland’ is a more slowed down and reserved affair whereas final track ‘Ride to Valhalla’ is a ten minute epic with a triumphant feel to it capturing its importance in Norse mythology. All in all Lords of the sea is a solid album with every track complementing each other rather nicely. Unfortunately if there is one thing negative thing that could be said about this album is that there isn’t a standout track á la Twilight of the Thunder God but that is not necessarily a bad thing as everything here ties into each other and there is a solid foundation for what’s to come from this talented musician.

Lords of the Seas is available through Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions.


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