C R O W N – Psychurgy

C R O W N - Psychurgy

French duo C R O W N have been playing a mixture of sludge, doom, drone, since their inception back in 2011.  Coming out of the Alsace region, the pair are fresh from putting pen to paper on a new contract with major label Candlelight and are about to unleash Psychurgy.  Hot on the heels of last year’s split EP with St Valley, the follow up to debut album The One is surely set to see them elevated to the next level.  C R O W N is the sound of waking up in your worst nightmare and the moment of haunting realisation that inevitably follows.  Citing bands such as Sunn O))), Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Godflesh and Red Sparowes gives you an idea of the eclectic reach that these two musicians possess.  The album’s longest song, ‘Blood runs’ starts out as a dark slow tempo procession that metamorphosizes into a beautiful haze of melody.  ‘Serpent and Fire’ is a pounding fuzzed behemoth that maintains a steady pace throughout the track, while being backed by eerie keyboards; or machinery as the group call it.  Elsewhere the industrial thuds of ‘We Will Crush The Open Sky’ add further depth, whilst the thunderous, blast beat, sprint of closing track ‘Alpha_Omega’, ensures that they go out with a bang.  Psychurgy is available from 22nd of April through Candlelight Records.  Best enjoyed with the lights down and a good whiskey.

C R O W N is:
PG (Guitars, Machinery), SA (Guitars, Vox, Machinery).



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