Celtachor – Nine Waves From The Shore

Celtachor - Nine Waves From The Shore

Nine waves from the shore is the debut album from Dublin based group Celtachor. The group combine black/doom and Folk Metal influences into their sound to forge their own distinct style. The group considers themselves the Narrators of Irish Mythology (The Irish equivalent of Amon Amarth if you will) and they perform their songs with the same drive and Passion as the Mighty Nords.  Kicking things off is an Epic ten minute assault ‘The Landing: Amergins Conquest’ followed by ‘The Battle of Tailtin’ which reinforces the similarity to the Scandinavians using ancient tales to drive some impressive guitar shredding and deep Primal drums.  The inclusion of traditional Irish instruments like the Irish Whistle and the Bodhran (Think Handheld drum) add character to the tracks and give a unique sound that’s greatly welcomed.  Vocalist Stephen Roche belts out the lyrics with passion and is backed up by stellar guitars and drums.  And special mention must go to the Albums one instrumental track ‘Tar éis an Sidhe’ which uses the traditional instruments to brilliant effect to create a beautiful haunting track that is ethereal and mysterious as well as somewhat mournful. ‘Sorrow of the Dagda’ also features an awesome last five minutes similar to the songs on Metallica’s Death Magnetic with long solos gradually winding down the song to a sombre conclusion.  This is a highly impressive opening album from the group and lays some firm foundations for their follow up work.  The similarities to Amon Amarth are what lured me in (A Love of Mythology, epic tunes) but give Celtachor some time to really define themselves and their sound and they could go toe to toe with the Vikings.  And wouldn’t that be something to see!

Celtachor is:
Stephen Roche (Vocals, Irish Whistle, Bodhran), David Quinn (Guitar), Emile Quigley (Bass), Anaïs Chareyre (Drums), Fionn Staffort (Guitar, Irish Whistle).

Official site.


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