Surtr – Pulvis et Umbra

Surtr - Pulvis et Umbra

If you are unfamiliar with Surtr, take note of their name as you may be hearing a lot about them once this album is finally unleashed. This next release from the French trio sees the group yet again firing on all cylinders.  Pulvis et Umbra, which is latin for ‘We are dust and shadows’ is, as the title suggests a rather bleak album, yet I couldn’t help but listen to this album without a massive grin on my face.  This record is surely the groups finest work to date and in our opinion by a large distance.  Pulvis et Umbra sees some very technically gifted musicians coming together, all on the very top of their game.  ‘Rise Again’ features some intricate and well executed tempo changes and clinical beats from drummer Régis Beck. The guitars on ‘Three Winters of War’ are fat and untamed, which interweave with some rumbling bass lines and a fine vocal performance from Jeff Maurer.  Elsewhere the crimson plunder of ‘Sonic Doom’ will have you throwing the horns from the opening bars.  This track again showcases some excitingly complex rhythms from Beck.  ‘Rebellion’ opens with a simple yet captivating riff that meanders with a menacing bite.  Great stuff from a great band.

Pulvis et Umbra is due for release in March via Altshpere Productions.

Surtr are:
Régis Beck (Drums), Julien Kuhn (Bass), Jeff Maurer (Guitar & Vocals).

Official site.


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