Inexistenz – Erfundene Welten


Inexistenz is a one man band from Slovenia and Erfundene Weltene his debut. The style is Depressive Black Metal and this is obvious from the outset as he launches into anguished wails in ‘Verlohren in der Neer’ and Title track ‘Erfundene Welten’ which features a grandiose final five minutes that really captures the despairing nature of the album. The overriding theme of the album is the ugliness of humanity, and therefore the tracks are loaded with despair, Pain, Anguish, Loneliness and outright hatred, the sense of isolation is well captured on the album cover designed by artist Mark Thompson. ‘Zu Misslingen bestimmt’ features some good drum work and aggressive guitars. All the tracks feature impressive drums and guitar riffs showing how talented a musician he is. If the preceding tracks are a dark and terrible night, then final track ‘Belanglos’ is the first light of dawn, a surprisingly hopeful instrumental piece indicating that things can and will get better.  Depressive Metal has always been a hard sell, more so now especially given the current climate and many will be put off by the vocal style but there is something unique about this album that defies explanation and demands to be listened. As stated the biggest hurdle for many will be the vocal style but if you persevere there is a profoundly intriguing album waiting to be discovered here. A very impressive debut!

Official site.


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