Mourning Wolf – Elmhaven

Mourning Wolf - Elmhaven

One band that has had us throwing the horns in glee to here at Feedback towers are Michigan sextet Mourning Wolf.  The Detroit melodic death metallers play an eclectic mix of styles on this, their debut E.P. Elmhaven.  Featuring members of Traitor, Winterus, Call It Quits, The Devastator and Černá, they successfully manage to squeeze a smörgåsbord of ideas into two tracks that run just shy of the twenty minute mark.  There is piano, synths and amazing riffs, with just a hint of a Lamb of God and most notably a Funeral for A Friend vibe to the double guitar work of Nathan Barnes and Cameron Lee.  Both songs come together as a pair, Elmhaven parts one and two, respectively.  ‘Elmhaven Part I’ opens with a brilliant, high pitched riff that leads to the thumping drum-work of Cody McCoy, a fine performance from one of the most exciting stick smiths of recent times, interwoven guitars take pride of place here and the rest of the rhythm section oblige in providing a solid base for Barnes and Lee to build upon.  Light keys split the song in two momentarily before they rage back into their aural attack.  ‘Elmhaven Part II’ also builds to a thunderous romp that boasts a tremendously crisp guitar that sounds much like that of My Dying Bride’s ‘The Cry of Mankind’.  Adding swirling rhythms and battering drums from Cody McCoy.  The pace is not relentless however, as the tail-end of the track has a much more slow and sombre rhythm.  Closing with a gentle melody backed by some ferocious blast beats that works well, strangely!

Mourning Wolf are:
Clint Harkness (Vocals), Nathan Barnes (Guitar, Vocals), Cameron Lee (Guitars), Donovan Bates (Bass), Cody McCoy (Drums), Calvin DeBruler (Keys).




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