Gottesmordor – E.P.


Eerie church organs herald the arrival of atmospheric, Black-Metal warlords, Gottesmordor on opening track ‘Winternight’.  Pierced by some bleak/stripped back percussion and an influx of shrieking feedback.  This is depressive/ambient metal at its sorrowful best.

Four minutes in and the crushing guitars finally burst into gear, albeit a very low and slow one.  Erratic shredding of the guitars make it sound like a biblical plague of locusts in full frenzied attack.  Supported by the blast beat drumming of Nicola G.  The vocals are also raw and startling.  The outro to this track is a slow building affair, a simple riff that dictates the pace of the solid drum beat – tried and tested but still so powerful when executed correctly, and it is here.

A fuzzed swirl counts in track two, ‘Abyss of Throats’, that is followed by church bells before vocalist Michele F. splits the atmosphere wide open with some furious and erratic bellowing.  The original drum beat sounds fantastic through speakers and manages to keep the slow procession caged until just the right time and suddenly everything slots perfectly into place and they turn on the afterburners, showing their full potential halfway through the track.  When they play at full speed it calls to mind visions of hurtling through black holes at breakneck speeds, the listener powerless and without hope can only scream at the top of their voice awaiting their fate.

Even though there are only two songs on offer here, there is ample evidence to suggest that, Gottesmordor have nothing to worry about for their next release.

Gottesmordor are:
Michele F. (Vocals / Guitar), Nicola G. (Drums), Matteo B. (Bass).



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