Damned Pilots – Spaced Out

Damned Pilots - Spaced Out

Damned Pilots place themselves in the category of ‘Doom Pop’, certainly different!  Opening with the brave move of covering Electric Light Orchestra’s ‘Believe Me Now’ is confirmation that this four-piece have confidence in abundance.  This is rapidly followed by the sleazy ‘My Word’, which is a balls out monster of a track with a sludge thick stomping chorus that most bands would kill to have written.  The Black Sabbath-esque doom riffs are the core of the track, also sounding a lot like Queens of the Stone Age.  ‘Make My Day’ has an infectious groove that will get even the most rigid of fans head nodding in approval.  Also, the vocals of Ote are ideally matched, he sounds confident and he sings each line with hair-raising bravado.  ‘Believin’ In’ is somewhat flat and a little too repetitive.  On the bright side it is sandwiched between the records two best tracks.  Perhaps the reason behind it’s appearance on the E.P. is to highlight that this young group can deliver more than heavy songs.  However, the momentum that was built so easily on the previous three songs is somewhat quickly dispersed.  The quartet soon regain the momentum again on following track ‘Sleeping in the Fire’, a cover of the W.A.S.P. classic which has some stonkingly good guitar work that pays homage to one of Blackie Lawless’ greatest ever works.  Closing track ‘Masonic Rites of Ynnoc. O’ is again a rather deflated listen, however, better placed on the tracklist than the aforementioned ‘Believin’ In’.  This is overall a mouth watering offering from Damned Pilots, and their next release should rather comfortably elevate the band to the next level.  Well worth checking out.

Damned Pilots are:
Don Nutz (Drums), Johnny Angel (Guitar), Ote (Vocals, Guitar), Pino Space (Bass)



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