Spider Kitten – Cougar Club

Spider Kitten - Cougar Club

By David Gilroy

Cougar Club is the latest offering from the brilliantly named Spider Kitten. The group nestles themselves in the Doom metal, experimental clique but seem to veer towards the latter, tying in to their reputation for constantly changing styles from album to album. The Newport boys open with a droned, oppressive bass line in ‘Twin Obscenities’ a theme that carries over to the title track ‘Cougar Club’ where the bass adds a menacing sound to the fourteen minute epic. On first hearing the first number, there’s a strong similarity to Mastodon with the slow dirge like music and soaring vocals from front-man Chi. ‘Burdened’ takes a more punky approach whereas ‘Time Takes Its Toll’ has a strong Nirvana vibe to it albeit slowed down with a more reserved and solemn approach. Cougar Club is not a big album with five tracks but each one is meticulously put together thanks to the bands approach to tweaking their instruments to get the best sound possible not only for themselves but also for the listener. It’s this dedication that has garnered them so much praise and attention for Cougar Club and the consensus that they are now a band to keep a closer eye on.  And with a new album in the works it should not be that much of a wait. For now why not as they say, ‘Kick it in the Club’.

Spider Kitten is:
Chi (Vocals, Guitar), Nid (Bass, Vocals), Chris (Drums, Vocals), Rob (Guitar).



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