Mortad – The Myth of Purity

Mortad - The Myth of Purity

By David Gilroy

This is London based group Mortad’s debut album and from the opening track they set out to make an impression with a blistering opening salvo. The album itself first appeared as a free cd on a metal magazine which garnered the group the attention they needed prompting them to re-release it via their website.  Lead singer Somi Arian’s vocal sound is scarily reminiscent of Arch Enemy which lends an extra layer of aggression to the shredding guitars and pounding bass drums which call to mind Slipknots earlier, angrier work. The Title track ‘The Myth of Purity’ starts aggressively and includes an impressive guitar solo before slowing down to a more sedate pace (sedate for metal at least). Ninth track ‘The Voice’ refers to the death of Iranian Protester Nedā Āghā-Soltān in 2009 and manages to be both angry and also mournful. As this is their first Album the foundations have been laid and while there is a new album in the works (ETA unknown) and they have been well received at various live shows this is an impressive start for what will soon be a major act. Keep your eyes on these guys.

Mortad Is:
Somi Arian – (Vocals), Jon ‘Thrash’ Hughes – (Guitar) Joseph Perumal – (Bass), Szymek Lawik – (Drums), Frank Clow (Guitars)


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