Dispersed Ashes – The Nature of Things

Dispersed Ashes - The Nature of Things

The fantastically named Dispersed Ashes is a one man act from Stuttgart, Germany by british painter and drawer Mark Thompson.  As well as designing the cover art for this release, Thompson has previously supplied cover art for Anamnesi and Portland doomsters Agalloch.  Clocking in at just three minutes shy of the hour mark, this debut release features six songs of experimental and down-tempo doom in total.  ‘I Cried At The Sun’ is a solemn opener, slowly and beautifully executed.  The beautiful piano led ‘Burnt Over’ proves that Dispersed Ashes should have no cause for concern in the ideas department.  Thompson sounds as though this project is second nature and on ‘Promise Me’ his mesmerisingly chilling vocal performance is effortlessly demonic and delivered with softly archaic aplomb.  This is quickly followed by the raging force of closing track ‘To Create Death’s Misery’ which has an amazingly earth shattering guitar sound that permeates from it’s very core, and prowls like a crazed monstrosity intent on total annihilation.  This, the second ten minute plus track on the album sees Thompson create some bowel rattling sounds that also complement the melodic side to his guitar playing.  nothing new you might say, but truly exceptional for a debut release all the same.  Simply put, you really need to hear this record if you are a fan of this genre, it is one of the most innovative and refreshingly dark releases of 2012.  The Nature of Things is available now via Naturmacht Productions.

Naturmacht Productions.


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