Carcharodon – Roachstomper

Carcharodon -Roachstomper

Italy’s Carcharodon blitz from the very start to the all too early finish on RoachStomper, with some startlingly infectious Stoner / Sludge Metal / Death N’ Roll tunes. The quartet is capable of churning out some superb, spiralling riffs with admirable swagger and confidence.  Vocalist Pixo leads the charge and sounds like Max Cavalera on a Deep South bender.  Admittedly I was not expecting a lot from RoachStomper, after one look at the artwork and discovering that they claim to play their own brand of ‘Macho Metal’, I approached with caution.  How wrong was I? Well, Very!  Over the course of these fifty three minutes the group incorporate a lot of different styles and even squeeze in a bit of acoustic guitar.  I am glad to have gotten in on this well-kept secret before they unleash this full-length to the unsuspecting public in April 2013.  The vulgar conversation that is overdubbed on ‘Beaumont, TX’ does no favours by unfortunately lower the tone, also lyrically the band touch upon immature themes, see ‘Alaska Pipeline’ but if you can look past this then there is plenty of good music on offer and it could be viewed as a minor temporarily blip as it is briskly followed up by the freight train thunder of ‘Marylin Monrohoid’ which speeds up proceedings.  There is so much diversity in the band’s sound and the addition of a second guitarist Max sees the four-piece shine even more brightly on the country music infused, and the slide guitar themed ‘Voodoo Autopsy’.  Closing with the slow march of ‘The Sky has no Limits’ could be an aptly named title.  This is well worth a listen, and will surely be well received at parties.  Be sure to keep an eye out for this release in the New Year, available through French label Altsphere.

Carcharodon are:
Pixo (Vocals and Bass), Boggio Guitar and Backing Vocals), Zack (Drums), Max (Guitar).



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