Blaze of Sorrow – Echi

Blaze of Sorrow - Echi

By James

Blaze of Sorrow is back again with their third full length Echi. Echi or “Echoes” continues along the same cold, wintry path set forth by its predecessor, Eterno Tramonto. From the warming folk, acoustic passages to the raw atmospheric black metal arrangements, everything weaves together in a beautiful soundscape of nature and human emotion. For the release of this third album, Blaze of Sorrow has moved to the Romanian label Sun & Moon Records which released Echi in October 2012.

One of the first things that strikes me from this new album is actually the album cover itself. It’s quite nice with the soft, warm colours of the sky sweeping in a mist from deep red to blue. It’s a great contrast to the dark, shadowy landscape. The cover is a nice reflection of the music which is also full of contrast. Soft, gentle, clean/acoustic guitar melodies set a tranquil mood which flow seamlessly between distorted guitars, double drum kicks and black metal screams.  The album flows through the 8 tracks effortlessly like one long, beautiful song. The mix and production of Echi as a whole is an improvement over ‘Eterno Tramonto’. It’s a bit more polished and well rounded if dare say.

Once again the lyrics are in full Italian. Since English is a second language for the band, Peter has said in the past that he feels he can better portray his true thoughts and feelings in his native language. This is fine by me since the music really speaks for itself. The music is seeping with feeling and Blaze of Sorrow does a great job of creating these emotions in a very natural and sincere way.

Right from the start, the first track, ‘All’Ignoto’ is a beautiful introduction to this album. A good melodic intro sets the mood of the album before it gives way to faster tremolo picking and drumming. It doesn’t matter if the arrangement is soft and peaceful, or heavy and fast, the melody is always present and pleasing to the ear. Echi as a whole is a very easy album to listen to. Every song has its place and demands the listener’s interest. There are no fillers on this album.

Some of highlights include the first track ‘All’Ignoto’ which sets the mood and feel for the album, ‘In Memoria’ with its clean yet catchy melodies, the pure acoustic track ‘Alberi’ and finally the title track ‘Echi’. You really can’t go wrong with any of the songs. These are just the ones that stood out to me.

Blaze of Sorrow have managed to take all of the good things from their previous album Eterno Tramonto and make them better. Echi is a beautiful album full of contrast that will send listeners to lands of shadowy forests and colourful horizons. I highly recommend this album to fans of folk/black metal.

Rating: 9.5/10

(See track listing and links below)

Track Listing:

1. All’Ignoto 06:43
2. Empatia 08:27
3.  In Memoria 05:10 (instrumental)
4. Il Soffio Del Sole 08:18
5. Alberi 03:25
6.  Echi     06:35
7.  Ma Il Vento Ricordò Il Mio Nome 07:40
8. Aspettando Il Tempo (06:14)

Released by Sun & Moon Records

Blaze of Sorrow


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