Nights Amore – Subscribers Of Death

Nights Amore - Subscribers Of Death

Ambient / alternative artist Nights Amore was conceived back in 2006 by sole member Chris in, Västra Götalands län, Sweden.  This fine album, which was released in 2010, and limited to 300 copies, was the artist’s first full-length released through Immortal Frost Productions.  Here, he effortlessly creates some of the most thought invoking, sorrow laden tunes I have heard, possibly ever.  The aptly named ‘The Depressive Years (Tribute To Endless Sorrow)’ features the perturbing sobs of a heartbroken woman crying uncontrollably over haunting piano.  The eerie brilliance of following track ‘Ödesdöd’ continues where its predecessor left off.  With gentle piano interwoven with harrowing symphonies, the solitary Swede has the enviable ability to create tremendously ambient atmospheres, that would not be out of place in a cult horror soundtrack.  The themes he deals with tend to revolve around self-harming, suicide and death.  On the epic ‘Cutting Close To The Edge  (Dedicated To Kurt)’ he introduces some powerful acoustic guitar, which sounds beautifully woebegone.  Closing with bonus track ‘Age of Suicide’ the spoken words of the woman set against the eerie keys is both absorbing and stirring.  Currently, Nights Amore is on hold so that Chris can work on his other side projects.


Immortal Frost Productions.


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