Evil Palace – Born in Darkness

Evil Palace - Born in Darkness

Aptly named Evil Palace unleash sounds of industrial torture against gloom ridden soundscapes.  This double act hail from Zhytomyr, Ukraine.  ‘Black Ritual’ opens the record in dramatically terrifying fashion, the overdub of broken voices chills the bones and ends with the sound of a knife severing through supple flesh.  ‘Salvation’ sounds like a demonic Tolkien-esque audacious barge, unstoppable in its ferocity.  The smattering of horrifying roars adds to the brutality, the band aimed to produce.  The unsettling lamentations that kick-off ‘The Death Here Reign’s’ is enough to unnerve even the most seasoned black metal follower.  The track also boasts some rather excellent keyboard work from Wolfheart.  Elsewhere, the chilling ‘Elizabeth – Beauty of Death’ has some wonderfully raw and appealing axe-work.  This overall impressive debut does not come without its flaws however, and the forgetful ‘Unholy War’ seems a little less killer, more filler and may have you reaching for the fast forward button on your remote. The early promise is again fulfilled however, with the brilliant ‘Prophecy’, which twists and turns from industrial to new-classical with relative aplomb.  In conclusion, I would highly recommend this release for any discerning symphonic, black metal fans out there.  To the doubters, don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Evil Palace is:
Wolfheart (all music and programming), Sid (all vocals and lyrics).

Immortal Frost Productions.



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