The Slow Death – II

The Slow Death - II

The Slow Death effortlessly produces consistently impressive and mammoth sized songs that are brimming with sorrow-laden riffs.  Masterful rhythms and lacerating guitar-work overall paired with some hauntingly sublime arrangements are the order of the day, fusing melody and fury in equal abundance.  Although difficult to come by, this is one of the most underrated metal releases this year, and one that is certainly worth obtaining on CD.  Anyone who is familiar with the incomparable genius of Murkrat will be delighted to discover that Mandy Andresen also handles vocal duties for The Slow Death.  The singers’ lyrics fit the record comprehensively.  Incidentally, Andresen also handled all artwork for this and the bands previous self-titled album.  She is undoubtedly one of metals hidden gems, and consistently delivers an incredibly high standard of work in everything she does.  Opening with a creeping riff from sole guitarist Stuart Prickett, ‘Empty Places’ is a beautifully disconsolate lament, clocking in at well over twelve minutes in length, however time passes by extremely quickly when listening to it.  Andresen is able to explore new areas whilst not straying too far from her comfort zone and she is equally impressive in her approach here, just as she is with Murkrat.  ‘Reclaimed By Dust’ has the trademark gargantuan, slow tempo ascending riff that pounds the senses from the very first strike of the chords.  This album deserves to be heard, and loved for years to come.

The Slow Death are:

Gregg Williamson (Vocals), Mandy Andresen (Vocals, Keyboards), Yonn McLaughlin (Drums), Stuart Prickett (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals).

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