Subterranean Disposition

Subterranean Disposition

Australian underground experimental death/doom act Subterranean Disposition have just released their self-titled debut via the superb Hypnotic Dirge label.  Sole member Terry Vainoras has created an impressive first offering, no doubt his many years as a veteran of the underground scene in his homeland has helped him hone his craft.  Opening with the unnerving and chilling sounds of apes shrieking hysterically on ‘Between Apes and Angels’ sets the tone of the album extremely well.  The strong influence of the great My Dying Bride’s Aaron Stainthorpe’s vocal style here is particularly evident.  The strong influence of My Dying Bride surfaces yet again on ‘Seven Sisters of Sleep’ that has a classic doom soaked intro and a swirling riff that meanders and wails banshee-like throughout. Static fuzzed screams from Vainoras are aptly chilling and the strong drums compliment the guitar work very nicely.  The inclusion of saxophone from D’arcy Molan on Marilyn Manson-esque ‘The Most Subtle of Storms’, which is a brave addition and not one that is all too familiar for this particular genre, however it works.  Closing track ‘Wailing My Keen’ is a slow building number that lends itself to classic Tool, with clean guitars growing into ferocious sludgy riffs.  The inclusion of startlingly brilliant female vocals (provided by the Pheobe Pinnock) also adds welcomed haunting chill, when set against Vainoras’ impressive acoustic melodies.  Overall this is a very fine offering from yet another influential Australian talent.  This album is well worth a listen and it also features some exciting nuances, quite refreshing.

Hypnotic Dirge Records.


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