Sister Sin – Now and Forever

Sister Sin - Now and Forever

The fourth album from Sweden’s Sister Sin is their most radio friendly and accessible to mainstream listeners yet and could prove to be the album that elevates them to the next stage, in their quest for rock stardom.  The band are no strangers to touring and during their ten year career, they have racked up well over 20,000 album sales in the United States alone.  This four-piece bring good old fashioned rock back to the masses with big sing-along choruses and strutting riffs.  Armed with catchy riffs aplenty and a baneful no nonsense attitude from vocalist Liv Jagrell, this is a classic in your face rock n’ roll album for the masses. Citing legends like Rob Halford, Lemmy and Courtney Love as influences, Liv (aka Liv Roxxy) is a natural front woman and thrives in the role.  The singer (who also spent time as vocalist with fellow Swedes Hysterica) also has a successful career as a personal trainer, which gives you a good indication of just how energetic the bands live shows can be.  Opening with the cinematic MMXII and quickly blasting into the fist-pumping hook-laden stomp of ‘End of the Line’.  The melodies come thick and fast and this album will have you nodding in approvement well before third track ‘Fight Song’ blares from the speakers.  The Gothenburg quartet dubs themselves as ‘Dirty Rock’ and they mean business (see the aforementioned Fight Song).  ‘Hearts of Cold’ is another chugging, brutal assault on the eardrums, with a sublime guitar intro from the extremely talented Jimmy Hiltula.  These guys deserve to go far, let’s hope that they can capitalise on this fine body of work.

Liv Jagrell (Vocals), Jimmy Hiltula (Guitar), Strandh (Bass), Dave Sundberg (Drums)

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