Chabtan – Eleven

Chabtan - Eleven

Formed in 2011 in Paris, France, Death core/Hard-core group Chabtan have unleashed a beast of a debut in Eleven.  Based around Mesoamerican myths and legends, ‘Eleven’ is a rather impressive release.

However, thing’s unfortunately get off to a disappointing start, opening with the aimless and rather wasteful ‘Cult of Blood (Intro)’, which fails in its attempt to set the scene and only gets in the way of the pulsating brilliance of ‘This Day is Red’, and certainly does not reflect on just how brilliant the rest of the album is.  If anything, they have missed a great opportunity to open the record with the unstoppable assault of ‘This Day Is Red’.

‘Betrayer’ is as ferocious as it is melodic in its onslaught on the eardrums.  Vocalist Christopher
Rousseau sounds comfortable in the role and is not afraid to mix it up showcasing different styles, which is refreshing.

‘Blood Stained Hate’ is awash with swirling, twister like riffs and has a chorus that is reminiscent of Florida quartet Trivium on their breakthrough opus ‘Ascendency’, which is surely no bad thing.  Incidentally, the striking artwork also has the same visual effect of the California titans’ debut ‘Ember To Inferno’.

Closing track ‘Eleven’ redeems the past mistake on ‘Cult Of Blood’ it is both dramatic and majestic, a fitting closure.

Chabtan are:

Christopher Rousseau (Vocals), Jean-Philippe Porteux (Guitar), Dimitri Merly (Guitar), Laurent Gasperetti (Bass).


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