Ortega – 1634

Ortega - 1634

Hailing from Groningen, Netherlands sludge/doom group Ortega return with their latest full length album 1634.  Originally self-released back in 2010, the album is now available to own on cd digipack format through the excellent Aesthetic Death label.  The excellent ‘Neurosis’ style vocals from Richard Postma on the fist pumping ‘Chaser’ and the awesome ‘Shipwrecked’ work really well against the chainsaw guitar work of Alex Loots & previously mentioned Postma in the first half of the record.  The simple but effective intro guitar work on ‘Octagon’ is complemented extremely well by the drumming of Sven Jurgens. And the use of violin shines further emphasis on the mood portrayed by the guitars. ‘Shipwrecked’ could have come straight from a Neurosis record, with pained vocals highlighting the broadness of Postma’s talents.  Once again, the wonderful violin fuelled lament of ‘The Siren’ is simply breathtaking and again highlights just how powerful doom metal can be whilst at the same time maintaining a raw vulnerability in its sound.  ‘The Oracle’ is a laid back track that gradually builds to ferocious guitars and whisks the listener away almost immediately with some excellent guitar harmonics that complement the overall sound rather impressively.  This album is one that you can listen to when relaxing as it is not too in your face but it has more than enough quality present, well worth a listen.

Ortega are:

Richard Postma: Vocals/guitar
Alex Loots: Guitar
Sven Jurgens: Drums
Frank de Boer: Bass

Official Site.


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