Masachist – Scorned

Masachist - Scorned

Death metal is one of those genres that you either love or hate, it is not something that you can really dip in and out of in all honesty, luckily though if you are a fan of this type of music then be sure to check out this second album from Polish quintet Masachist.  Arguably one of parent label ‘Godz Ov War Productions’ best releases to date. Entitled Scorned it is the follow up to 2009’s well-received debut Death March Fury, and refreshingly, it’s also rather different in comparison.  Mainly in that it is not as restricted in style, this is a more venturesome beast than its predecessor. The raw self-production of the band works perfectly, and it almost sounds like they are playing live for the majority of the record, especially on raucous opener ‘Drilling The Nerves’.  Highlights include some adventurous crusty riffing on ‘Straight And Narrow Path’ with industrial undertones from Thrufel and Aro, all the while powered on by the post-apocalyptic skin pounding of Daray on drums.  The demonic uttering of frontman Pig on ‘Opposing Normality’ is decidedly unsettling and leaves a lasting impression long after the outro of unbalanced fretting.  This is well worth a listen.  Liberation Pt. II is further example of the creative spark of the group with the talented Aro on keys, before launching into closing track ‘Inner Void’ a slow moving convulsive beast of a main riff.

Masachist are:

Thrufel (Lead & rhythm guitar), Daray (Drums), Pig (Throat), Aro (Rhythm guitar), Heinrich (Bass).

Masachist on Facebook.


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