Morality Crisis – North

Morality Crisis - North

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota the brilliantly named Morality Crisis span several different genres with ease, including black metal, doom, sludge and crust.  Here, the trio have delivered a real gem on recent self released E.P. North.  Title track also named ‘North’ opens with a brilliantly doom soaked slow tempo guitar intro and quickly morphs into a frenzy of snare drums and furious riffing.  There are a lot of tempo changes on here, which only goes to show the bands superb ability to turn on the style and change gear at the drop of a hat.  Vocalists Pete and Jordan (No, not the ex-chav royalty couple Peter and Jordan) both possess an enviable range of high pitched screams and low death growls, and by the sounds if it he easily handles the role of front-man   The presence of wailing Korn-esque guitar melodies on stand-out track ‘Log’ build steadily and are further examples of the broad palette possessed by guitarist Pete. The opening riff also has a Pearl Jam feel to it. Here is the sound of a group that are enjoying themselves.  The latter half of the extended play is much more of the same, although with two shorter tracks. A piercing guitar riff is the powerhouse on ‘Take Her to the Trend Bar’, which is worth exploring for the truly infectious drumming of Christ alone.  Unfortunately the only blot on their paper is closing track – ‘Take Her to the Bad Room’ which sounds just a little bloated and the band come across as though they are struggling to reach top gear. In conclusion, the first two tracks are the strongest offerings on North, a great release from an exciting band. Feedback is certainly looking forward to hearing a lot more of Morality Crisis in future, excellent stuff.


Jordan: bass/vox
Pete: guitar/vox
Christ: drums

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