Aoria – The Constant

Aoria - The Constant

Imagine Thom Yorke hanging out with Cult of Luna, you wouldn’t be a million miles from how Aoria sound.  The fact that this record is mixed by Magnus Lindberg (Khome and COL) further emphasises comparability.  This Stockholm trio are due to unleash this spellbindingly beautiful debut record on Swedish label Version Studio Records. Originally formed back in 2002, under the name Drive, the group reformed in 2011 with a new name and set about recording ‘The Constant’.  Majestically beautiful in their slow building approach on tracks of note, which include ‘The Black Heart’.  This is all about the subdued tones of vocalist Erik Nilsson Vocals, guitars adds to the melancholic despair of ‘An Overwhelming Calm’, which incorporates some brilliant drum work from current October Tide tub-thumper Robin Bergh.  The ghostly tones of the clean guitar intro to ‘You really Gave It All, Didn’t You?’ sounds like it has been written for an original soundtrack, stirringly climactic.  The xylophone led skulk of ‘The Bleeder’ heralds fresh and exciting ground for the three piece and this is a brave choice of instrument for such a genre.  However, it pays off spectacularly and brings to mind the now defunct genius of Manchester alternative rockers Oceansize, in their heyday. Not many bands could pull this off.  ‘Assassination’ has an intro that is startlingly similar to Tool on Lateralus, also combining some elements of late Katatonia.  The simplistic yet heartbreaking lyrics of Nilsson is also of a particular high quality.  The one and only downside to this record is that there are only six tracks on here, all of them however, have a lot to offer the listener and are equally distinguished.

Official site.

Aoria are:

Robin Bergh: Drums
Erik Nilsson: Vocals, Guitars
Niklas Sandin: Bass


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