Planks – Funeral Mouth

Planks - Funeral Mouth

Raw production and exquisite guitar work feature heavily on the third release from Planks.  Formed in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, back in  2007 the group’s lyrical themes deal with subjects such as Depression, Solitude and The Sea.  This sludge, Black/Death metal trio pack quite the punch. Admirable, considering that there are just three members.  Their loyal fanbase will no doubt be patiently awaiting the release of this, their finest album to date.  ‘I only see death in you’ is a stunning amalgamation of ‘White Pony’ era Deftones and early October Tide.  Quite the eclectic mix you might say, however it works, and it works really well.  The crisp sharp, shredding of guitarist and vocalist Ralph Schmidt is menacingly beautiful.  Whilst, the excellent production work of the bands long-time friend Lari Eiden on recording duty shines through on the sleeted blast of ‘The Spectre (Black Knives To White Witches)’ which opens with a simple, yet amazingly tricky drum beat from Benjamin Hintz, that erupts into a wall of feedback and aural, aggressive brilliance.  Here, melodic distortion is cleverly intertwined with some excellent clean guitar playing again.  The long instrumental parts blend well with the singing and works best when listened through, as a whole album from start to finish.  The obvious influence of Mastodon is evident throughout and the familiar build up to the ferocious musicianship is what makes it all the better, when done correctly (which Planks do very well). Alas, the sombre and chilling outro of closing track ‘Desolate, Once…’. brings proceedings to a rather abrupt end.  At just over forty-five minutes in length, it is over too soon (in our opinion).  However, this is strong enough to be remembered in years to come and with many debating who will have the title of ‘Album of the Year’, Funeral Mouth will surely be a popular choice come the turn of the year.

Planks is:
Benjamin Hintz – Drums
Frank Hörsch – Bass
Ralph Schmidt – Guitar, Vocals

Funeral Mouth is out October 12th via Golden Antenna Records.  The band are on tour in Germany in October and November.

Official site.


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