From the darkest depths of the north east of England, comes the sombre and harrowing sound of one of the finest UK black metal exports in recent years. Nordland (taken from the Norwegian county of the same name), is the solo project of musician Vorh, and this debut release does anything but disappoint.  Although released back in 2011, this is still a very popular record amongst the black metal community.  Spanning seven tracks and clocking in at just over an hour, this is an altogether haunting affair.  Opening with the sorrowful call of ravens in barren woodland, and the trickle of stream water, Vorscara builds perfectly to a choppy attack of noise, and the harsh, thudding guitars are blisteringly effective from then on in.  The violent buzz saw intro to the title track incorporates elements of classic Slayer on Diabolus in Musica and vocals are strong throughout the recording.  The great thing about this and so many other one man band albums is that the emotion is here in abundance.  Raw, erratic and unobstructed, simply astonishing.  The amount of effort that is concentrated into these albums is  truly magnificent and commands respect.  In a time when music can be created with a laptop and samples, this is proper music by an exceptional artist.  If you have not checked this out already, be sure to do so in the near future, or miss out.

If you are a fan of this record, then be sure to follow this link to the official site.  Here you can download the 2012 E.P. Bones of Ash in its entirety.

Nordland is available to but now through Glorious North Productions.

Official site.


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