Daylight Dies – A Frail Becoming

A Frail Becoming

North Carolina melodic doom/death metal group Daylight Dies make a welcome return with their fourth studio offering and third for current label, Candlelight.  The group have progressed consistently with each release and the music they write has matured with them.  The sound is thicker than on Dismantling Devotion and predecessor, Lost to the Living.  Also, vocally Nathan Ellis sounds better than he has ever sounded.  The choppy blast of the main riff to opening track ‘Infidel’ harks back to classic early doom with just a smidgen of death metal thrown in for good measure.  Elements of classic Katatonia stand out also, possibly picked up as a result of their tour together in November 2006.  The clinical approach to drumming by founding member Jesse Haff is executed perfectly, and drives the group throughout.  The hauntingly tortuous and melodic allure of guitars on closing track ‘An Heir to Emptiness’ ensures that it is one of the strongest tracks on the album.  Elsewhere the Opeth-esque brilliance of acoustic led ‘Ghosting’ re-affirms the bands ability to write some outstandingly effective songs.  Standout tracks include the aforementioned ‘Infidel’ and the epic genius of ‘Dreaming of Breathing’. Overall this is arguably the group’s best album to date and the four year wait was more than worth it. Welcome back guys!

A Frail Becoming is available to buy from 22nd October 2012

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