Elephantine riffs feature highly throughout this self titled extended play from Irish doom band Rites.  Formed in November 2009, the Galway quartet are currently hard at work on new material however this June 2011 release is awash with some fantastically high quality tunes and having only recently discovered them, we felt the need to feature them on Feedback.  Opening with some enviable, grungy drum work ‘Intro’ is a swaying beast-like attack, with a tar thick riff that is short lived, before the pit deep bass led fury of ‘Vessel’ springs to life.  The sublimely heavy ‘Plastic Lung’ is reminiscent of Tom G. Warrior’s black/doom musical project Triptykon in that the tone is like that of an insanely frantic, grappling behemoth entwined with its captor, fighting for it’s life.  The sound that this young group create is herculean and infectiously groove-laden.  The raw approach on drums from Rory on ‘Forging’ is a fitting and solid performance.  The lineup that recorded the self-titled release was made up of Kieran Griffin (Guitar/Vocals),  Bryan Higgins (Guitar) and Nicola Cosgrove (Bass) and Rory (Drums).  Dave Mahony has recently been installed as the new permanent sticks-man   The spellbinding artwork entitled ‘The Sandman’ is provided by Argentine artist Santiago Caruso.

Rites is available now via Aonair Productions.


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