Three Hour Ceasefire – Cry Havoc

Three Hour Ceasefire - Cry Havoc

Three Hour Ceasefire are a four-piece Death/Thrash metal band, hailing from Limerick, in the mid-west of Ireland. Originally founded back in 2008, they have chopped and changed their lineup several times and now the quartet are collectively made up of D.C (vocals), A.L. (bass), M.M. (guitar) and K.C. on skin pounding duty.  On Cry Havoc, these guys have successfully managed to shoehorn a colossal amount of brutal, fist-pumping, windmill inducing fury into a mere seventeen minutes overall.  On first listen you can namecheck the influences on Cry Havoc, Sepultura, Slayer and Entombed all make a positive impact and no more so than on raucous chug-along opener ‘Time of The Empty Throne’.  This is a masterclass in death metal power, that is dripping in rhythmic excellence, guitarist M.M. is firing on all cylinders – churning out riffs that call to mind System of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian on the californians 2005 double album release Mezmerize/Hypnotize.  The crunch of guitars sound fantastic and it is easy to see how the axeman is influenced by Entombed.  Vocalist D.C. has obviously graduated from the Max Cavalera school of sound, and his venomous growl provides an aural time warp to the much missed Chaos A.D. era of thrash.  The powerful artwork is provided by Canadian illustrator Tristan Tolhurst, which works well with the aggressive, no nonsense approach they deliver so convincingly.

Cry Havoc is available now through Belfast label Savour Your Scene Records.


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