Rodha – Raw

Rodha - RAW

Hailing from Hamburg, northern Germany four-piece act Rodha have been deploying a ferocious mix of gritty sludge, stoner and doom metal since their inception back in December 2011.  Although they are still relatively new to the scene, they have already supported bands such as Kylesa and are actively touring in support of their exquisite debut demo EP entitled Raw.  The title of this release hits the nail on the head, this is exactly what these four guys produce.  Raw emotion, channeled directly as one raucous, scowling assault on the eardrums.  This quartet could be described as being cut from the same cloth as their country mates Long Distance Calling, with a smattering of aggression thrown into the mix for good measure.  Of the five tracks on display here, opening track ‘Bliss’ is undoubtedly the strongest of the bunch.  With an ambitious bass-led intro that smoulders menacingly towards an explosive crescendo of fuzzed guitars and grandiose feedback.  Vocalist Mo weighs in with an absorbing performance, that he maintains right through to closing track ‘Thousand Headed Goddess’.  The dual sludged assault is finely exerted by Timo (guitar) and Flo (bass).  There is quite an abundance of riffs on Raw and the meandering groove on ‘Fast Forward’ leans ever so slightly towards the classic grunge sound of the early nineteen nineties, whilst at the same time also firmly placing its own original stamp on the overall sound.   Special mention for the eerie cover photograph, which is provided by the extremely talented Canadian photographer Trevor Nicholls.  Yes all in all, there is plenty on offer here.  When you consider that this is only a demo, the future looks very bright for Rodha.  Feedback cannot wait to hear the full length.

Raw is available to order direct from the bands site click here to order.


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