Mortis Mutilati – Sombre Neurasthénie

Mortis Mutilati - Sombre Neurasthénie
Originating from Etampes, Île-de-France comes a sublime release from Black Metal, church botherer Mortis Mutilati.  A one man creation by Macabre in 2011, in his short career, he has already released two demos, a split alongside this his first full-length which incidentally contains the three original tracks from his first self titled demo. A solemn acoustic intro opens the record, before the haunting tones of Eve Carmignac beckons the awesome ‘Concession Perpétuelle’, this is an album that is rich in caliginous, squandered hope alongside depression and death are the fulcrum to the theme of Sombre Neurasthénie. Influences of artists like Drudkh and Burzum shine through here and Macabre is undoubtedly an extremely gifted multi talented musician who sounds comfortable on each instrument he performs with, see  ‘Le Dernier Souffle’.  The drums are thunderous, guitars sharp and unforgiving and there is even room for piano.  The title track is constructed around one of the best guitar riffs heard in recent years.  Although the vocals are strong overall, it can sometimes be slightly lost in the vast sound. In conclusion, this is a very impressive release from one of the most exciting new artists in the Black Metal genre today. Macabre deserves to go far and on the evidence of this, he most certainly will.

Sombre Neurasthénie is available now via Aonair Productions.


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