Winterfylleth – The Threnody Of Triumph – Review

Winterfylleth - The Threnody Of Triumph

Winterfylleth (meaning October in Anglo-Saxon) hail from Manchester UK.  They provide black metal to the highest possible quality and this new release is a splendid successor to 2010’s ‘The Mercian Sphere’.  Those of you already aware of Winterfylleth will no doubt be salivating (not literally!) at the news of this new release and fans will not be disappointed with album number three.  The record blasts off with ‘A Thousand Winters’, with haunting screams from Chris Naughton commanding your attention from the off.  A mournful outro is also chillingly noteworthy.  The northern quartet really tick all the right boxes musically, each member contributed vocally on The Threnody Of Triumph, something not many bands attempt in this genre.  Things thunder along relentlessly on ‘The Swart Raven’ another potential classic, a rampant, pummelling drum performance by Simon Lucas provides comfort in consistency.  Effortlessly changing gears at the tail-end of the track, to dramatic effect.  ‘Æfterield-Fréon’ is a beautiful acoustic led interlude with violin.  An altogether sombre affair, highlighting the enviable talent of this group.  Not many bands could get away with it, not many are as good at it either.  ‘The Glorious Plain’ has an infectious and anthemic sing-along that would only sound better with their fans singing it back at them in a live surrounding.  Closing and title track ‘The Threnody Of Triumph’ is a furious, thundering anthem which brings to mind Drudkh’s ‘Відчуженість (Estrangement)’.  Awesome stuff!  If you are new to Winterfylleth, I would urge you to give them a listen.  In my opinion this is one of the albums of the year.

The Threnody Of Triumph is out 10th September 2012 via Candlelight Records


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