Scandinavian sludge/drone metal stalwarts Switchblade make a monumental return with the release of their sixth self-titled album.  Following the departure of bassist Anders Steen back in 2010, the Swedes are now performing as a duo with Johan Folkesson on guitar and Tim Bertilsson on skins.  This has certainly been well worth the wait.  The album consists of three barnstorming tracks that clock in just short of the forty minute mark, so rest assured there is plenty of audio to feast upon.  All three are cogitated well and don’t outstay their welcome. Stand-out track ‘Movement II’ is the pick of the bunch with a tar thick sludge groove that strides along at a menacingly slow pace.  Considering there are only three tracks, there is an unusual amount of guest appearances on the album.  Of the four, the most notable is Lord Seth AKA Jonas Renkse of Katatonia who provides growled vocals.  This is a real treat for fans as he has barely recorded any vocals in this style for the greater part of twenty years now.  The man himself was thrilled with the results, talking on the official Switchblade site he said: “Feels great to drag myself down the winding memory lane and be part of something extremely dark and doomy. No frills, just proudly loud and slow”.  Also making an appearance are Per Wiberg (Candlemass) on Hammond organ, whilst The Cuckoo (Terra Tenebrosa)  and David Johansson (Kongh, The Eternal Void) both provide further support on vocals.

The album is penciled in for a release on 21st September 2012 via Denavoli records.


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