Murkrat – Drudging The Mire

Murkrat - Drudging the Mire

Hailing from New South Wales, Australian duo Murkrat have been receiving a lot of encouraging feedback of late from fans Worldwide.  Released through Aesthetic Death back in 2011, this second helping from the pair, led by singer – Mandy Andresen is 8 songs of unforgiving, aural brilliance. Murkrat, conjure sounds of depression and hopelessness and deliver it all in such a fantastically placid way, that I have not heard done better as of yet.  ‘I, Rodent’ is nine and a half minutes of disturbing and chilling gloom, backed by fuzzed guitars and erratic keyboard licks.  The aforementioned Andresen performs all guitars, bass and keyboards for Murkrat yet she has also been kept busy performing vocals and keyboards with country mates The Slow Death.  ‘Faceless’, continues on much the theme set out by its predecessor.  A sludgy, Gothic eeriness that yearns for you to join the procession is laid before the listener.  Make no mistake, this is not an easy listen by any stretch of the imagination, however this does not mean it is a bad one.  On the contrary, Murkrat have delivered a very good record in Drudging the Mire, it needs time to be appreciated, but the rewards are rich.  Andresen effortlessly draws you into her dire and haunting bleakness.  Taking you with her on every step of her sorrowful journey, all the while backed by the simplistic, stripped down thuds of Neil Dyer on drums.  Here Dyer delivers exactly what is required of him, complementing the brilliance of Andresen’s wretched miserableness.  ‘World’ certainly stirs the senses, a fitting halfway point to the record.  Whilst, ‘The Mighty Spires’ is yet another remarkable high-point of note, surging forth slowly like a wounded animal, that fails to understand the meaning of defeat.  Overall, a terrific record and one that has will keep the neighbours complaining for months.

Drudging The Mire is available now through Aesthetic Death.


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