Moloch – Stiller Schrei des Winters (2002-2012)

Moloch - Stiller Schrei des Winters (2002-2012)

Yet another release of tortured sounds from this Ukrainian black metal genius.  The inspiration of Burzum-esq fuzzed guitars are the order of the day on this career spanning compilation album, described by the the man himself as a collection of old, rare and most important tracks from the last twelve years of Moloch.  This type of music is often unfairly dismissed by fans and critics but give this 100% of your attention and you will discover just how great Moloch really is.  It does not take long to realise that this is more of a personal journey than an effort to attract as many fans as possible, Moloch is an outlet for sole member Sergiy Fjordsson.  In Moloch, there is a singular and gifted musician, Fjordsson writes all music himself and plays all instruments for the band. Granted, the drumming is not particularly amazing but it underpins the rest of the much higher quality work, everything else is firmly in place and if a second member was introduced to play drums, then it would surely take the allurement away from the overall sound.  ‘Depressive Visionen eines sterbenden Horizonts’ (Depressive visions of a dying horizon) – is a dark raw drone that opens with some great guitar work.  Disconsolate screams rapidly overwhelm this wonderful lament.  Lyrically, depression features highly on most if not all of Moloch’s work, crying out with trepidation, ‘Noose on the neck will become the last border…’ sobering stuff.  ‘Die letzten Strahlen der Sonne verblassen in der Kälte der Apathie’ (The last rays of the sun fade in the coldness of apathy) is a torturous affair, but in a good way! It can be difficult to listen to the extremely chilling cries of helplessness from Fjordsson, at times there are some truly horrifying sounds that undoubtedly left their mark on this listener and will certainly live long in the memory. ‘Meine heidnisch-spirituelle Reise durch die Wälder der Gefallenen’ (My pagan spiritual journey through the forests of the Fallen) is another important track to mention .  Here, Fjordsson sounds like an impoverished soul, having just discovered he is completely alone, bereft and hopelessly lost in isolation.  Conclusively, Stiller Schrei des Winters (2002-2012) is a great starting point for newcomers to this artist, and well worth a listen.  One look at his back-catalogue reinforces just how productive Moloch has been in the past ten years.



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