Doomdogs – Unleash The Truth – Review

Doomdogs - Unleash The Truth

Doomdogs play a tantalising mixture of stoner, sludge and doom that should come with a health warning, because this is music to break the speed limit to.  Although this album was released almost a year ago (September 2011), I feel that it deserves to be heard by new listeners.  Doomdogs sound like a band that really enjoy what they are doing, and why wouldn’t they? These guys even have their own brand of ale, which is brewed in Ulricehamn, Sweden.
Opening track ‘Eye for an Eye’ chugs along with a wonderful crunch à la Black Sabbath on ‘Sabbra Cadabra’.  Tomas “GG” Eriksson, once drummer of legendary Swedish Death/Black Metal band Grotesque, also provides flawless vocals throughout the record.  And while on the subject of Sabbath, there is also an impressive and ballsy cover of ‘A National Acrobat’. They manage to nail it 100% whilst putting their own unique stamp on a true genre classic, it is certainly one of the best cover versions I have heard in quite a long time.  It also features an altogether blistering guitar solo from the great Victor Griffin of Pentagram.  ‘Annie Christ’ has a fantastic roller-coaster riff from guitarist Christer “Chris The Riff” Cuñat throughout that is one of the strongest tracks on the album.  Whilst ‘Slight Case of Madness’ has a particularly stellar performance from Emil Rolof behind the kit.  In conclusion, a great album from Doomdogs, it was a real pleasure to listen to ‘Unleash The Truth’ and I would highly recommend this to fans of the aforementioned genres.  The group are currently writing material for album number three, we at Feedback can’t wait to hear it!

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