Carmelo Orlando – Novembre – Interview

Carmelo Orlando

Since 1990 Carmelo Orlando has been writing music with Rome’s Novembre, he talked to me about life in one of Italian metal’s finest bands, ever.

Since releasing two albums in such a short space of time, Materia (2006) and The Blue (2007). What is the main reason for the long gap since your last release?

Well there’s no big story behind it except for everything we grew up with has gone south: meaning record stores and paper magazines are no more. On line magazines are OK-ish, a bit dispersive but to what purpose? No one is selling anything, if u know what I mean… The economic crisis made it nearly impossible to even think of a tour. So to make a long story short, we’re writing a new album, very slowly, in order to have the time to figure out what is the right move to make in this farce called a metal scene, to adjust with this new order of… something, I dunno.

Would you say that this could be an opportunity for Novembre to explore different sounds and themes? Do you feel more productive as a result, considering you have more time to write new material? Surely there is less pressure on the band in that respect, which is a good thing, creatively?

In a paradoxical way, yes, this actually makes us more productive, more excited. It’s a whole new challenge. It reminds me of when we started. All the uncertainty… even if there were certain defined rules you could hold on to, it still was all an open unknown sea. As it is today… I wouldn’t say we’re exploring new sounds. Surely we’re writing more advanced stuff with renewed thrill.

What themes are you using for the new material?

Same as always I guess. Lyrics are the last thing to be written and they deal with whatever comes to mind in that given moment.
Thoughts are put in a wanna-be poetic-ish way (ahahha), and there you go. Maybe this time there might be more politics hidden under the lines, but, again, it’s still to be seen.

What is the band’s greatest weakness?

Probably a certain lack of ambition. I certainly can speak for myself only, but I admit I’ve never been the guy who calls people for arranging concerts, promotion, and/or stuff…my philosophy has always been “if u need us, you call us, not the other way around” and I’m not sure it’s the best philosophy in this field.

On that note, which songs do you enjoy playing the most?

Well at the moment I enjoy playing songs from The Blue mostly, maybe because it’s the most recent. Especially Zenith. But tracks from Classica and/or “Wish I could…” and all the others too.
Still for some reason I tend to relate to the latest songs.

Which album did you enjoy recording the most and why?

I recall those 2 or 3 weeks in Sweden for the recording of the first one “”Wish I could dream it again” as amazing. We were working with Dan Swano, the best of the best. Opeth’s Orchid had been finished a few weeks earlier, so it all sounded great and promising. I was also visiting a new country and we had our share of fun.

Being on the same label as icons like My Dying Bride and Autopsy, do you think that Peaceville will ever get all label mates involved to record an album like Roadrunner United? If so, who would you choose to perform with and why?

My Dying Bride could be an idea, or Katatonia… it doesn’t really matter as they are all great bands. Autopsy? I love that band for as much as I got into metal, great early times influence but today it wouldn’t be much of a choice! And no, I have no idea if this thing will ever come to light.

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