Archaic Winter – Demon


‘I Am The New Antichrist’ is a ferocious blast with infectious riffing from backed up by great drumming, with impressive blast beats.  Easily one of the strongest tracks on the extended play.  The anger driven style produced by this duo is something that is really impressive.  Vocally, Archaic Winter is impressive.  Luis is able to effortlessly change styles during songs and has a frighteningly deep demonic growl, that sends shivers down the spine.  The guitars which sound powerful, loud and thick are performed by ‘Sorrows Quest’ AKA Gregory Maupin, who also handles axe duties in Death Metal trio Agony Divine.  On the downside, the artwork is a big let-down, and they would surely benefit from injecting some time and money to rectify this problem.  Although this is undoubtedly an impressive release, there is still some work to be done by Archaic Winter, however they are definitely on the right track, as the aforementioned ‘I Am The New Antichrist’ and closing track ‘New World Chaos’ clearly show bundles of promise and creatively the pair feed off each other extremely well.  Surely the next release will deliver an even more impressive slab of death metal intensity, only time will tell.

Demon is available now via Metabolic Records.


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