Adam Evolving – The Divide – Review


Adam Evolving - The Divide

Kansas City, Missouri progressive rockers Adam Evolving are a band I discovered recently on the web and I have found it hard to listen to anything much since discovering them.  The four piece are collectively made up of Jimi Rowan (Guitar), Josh Seichepine (Bass), Darrick Deterding (Vocals), Stephanie Williams (Drums).  Record opener ‘Creationism’ has an infectious riff, which grooves and smolders wonderfully.  Rowan has got enviable supply of melodies in his locker, a swirling riff on ‘Eight Minds’ is no exception.  A strong performance by Stephanie Williams on ‘The Divide’ is also worth highlighting here.  In her, Adam Evolving have found a very reliable drummer who knows when to step it up a gear.  When to hold back is an asset that is often overlooked in a drummer.  ‘Haunting’ is a melodious stomp that gets better with every listen, with beautiful, echoey picking from Rowan.  Unfortunately ‘Sheol’ is a below par effort, however things take a turn for the better once more on the wonderful ‘The Ending’ which burns menacingly before the majestic and flourishing chorus.  It is one of the best tracks on the record, I must admit that I prefer the demo version of this song, the production has masked the rawness and sincerity of its earlier version (which is still available on Reverbnation).  ‘Lord of the Flies’ highlights Deterding’s incredibly talented vocal range, drawing on discernible inspiration from Maynard James Keenan (Tool).  All in all, an excellent record from Adam Evolving, remember the name they should (and deserve to) be around for a long time to come.

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