King of Asgard – …to North – Review

King of Asgard - North

Metal blade certainly have a knack of signing some excellent bands. King of Asgard are a viking metal band hailing from Östergötland Sweden. Although leaning heavily on influences from Amon Amarth and Enslaved, they are more than capable of holding their own with them.  Since forming in 2008, they have built a loyal following and have also recruited an extra guitarist in Lars G Tängmark since they released their debut Fi’mbulvintr back in 2010. Founding member and vocalist Karl Beckman also played with sticksman Karsten Larsson in Mithotyn back in the mid nineties.  Recorded at Sonic Train Studios (Varberg, Sweden) by Andy LaRocque, this second full-length has already whipped up an anxious frenzy amongst fans, impatiently counting the days until release.  Two guest appearances are also made on ‘…to North’, Heléne Blad (also previously of Mithotyn) appears on ‘The Nine Worlds Burn’. Whilst Jimmy Hedlund is on axe duty on ‘Gap of Ginnungs’.  With a total running time just around seven minutes shy of an hour, there is plenty of top quality musicianship on display. Previously mentioned ‘The Nine Worlds Burn’ is arguably the best song on the record. It opens with an infectiously crunchy riff, guaranteed to get your fists pumping. Rumbling drums carry the rest of the group through a ferocious 5 minutes of metallic bliss, with melodic dual guitar craft from Beckman and Tängmark.  ‘The Dispossessed’ has a chilling bass outro, which perfectly precedes ‘Gap of Ginnungs’ a slower paced behemoth that drives along like a viking longboat in the middle of the north sea, mid winter. With an altogether chilling chorus that makes this track another brilliant offering that the quartet should be extremely proud of.

“…To North is available from July 30th on Metal Blade Records.

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