Archaic Winter – Interview – Luis Landeo and Greg Maupin

Death and Black metal duo Archaic Winter have recently unleashed their latest extended play, entitled ‘Demon’. Luis Landeo (vocals) and Greg Maupin (Drums, Guitars and Bass) explain the process and how metal knows no boundaries when it comes to writing music together.

I understand you are originally from Peru. How did you get involved in Archaic Winter?

Well, on December 13th 2011 Greg Maupin contacted me on my facebook account. I began to talk with him and eventually we became friends, and well he told me about his old project: Archaic Winter which he played in with Peter Hasslebrack of Bloodsoaked.  I told him I had a metalcore project with a friend of mine from my home city some years ago. In February, I sent him some lyrics that I had written and he asked if I wanted to sing with him in Archaic Winter.  He sent me a track with no vocals, I wrote the lyrics for it and recorded the vocals in my house, which was the first pre demo of October Fire.  I later rewrote the lyrics for that song and some new songs like: ‘I am the new Antichrist’, ‘New World Chaos’ and ‘Satanic Power’. Just recently I have finished writing the lyrics for our new full length, and I am writing more lyrics for another two more.  Working with Greg Maupin (Agony Divine), is a great experience, he has no boundaries when playing metal, it’s like working with someone who has the same mind as me. I don’t think distance is a problem because a lot of bands do this now. Aborted, Watain, Cerebral Bore, Halford all have members living in different countries.  When you love music distance is not a boundary, it can be achieved, the most important thing is that we create great music for our fans.

Growing up in Peru, how easy was it to buy metal music?

When I was 11 to 14 years old people bought illegal cd copies. I grew up listening Nu Metal, my first album was Papa Roach ’Lovehatetragedy’. I was 12 when my dad bought me that album (laughs) but yes a lot people here buy illegal cds or download music of internet. That is the main way to get this type of music.

What themes do you use for your material?

Well, I will let Luis answer this question in detail because he wrote all the lyrics for our upcoming album (2012) Esoteric Doors. I will just say that the lyrics are about the darker side of religion, black magic, death and the coming apocalypse.

Well before to write my lyrics I think before of what i am gonna write, for Demon, the lyrics are about the dark prophecies in the bible, the book of revelation, so that album was very conceptual, except one because ‘Satanic Power’ is the second part of ‘I am the new Antichrist’, but the lyrics are about someone into black magic in this song that someone is the Antichrist, but for the new full length, these lyrics are about black magic, for example some of those lyrics are about black magic rites, Satan, secret societies or left hand path groups, witches, wizards, the ouija board, all these things have a relationship with black magic.  When writing these songs I had to read about it (black magic). I live in north Peru (Piura) a nice place with great beaches but in the highlands of Piura exist groups of people who practice white magic and black magic in a lagoon called: LAS HUARINGAS.  This is very popular, wizards practice their black magic and dark legends exist about it, Right now, I am writing more lyrics, a lot of these lyrics are about horror stories, dark chapters of the bible and war. I like writing about a lot of things, but for Archaic Winter the lyrics are about darkness.

What influences are there for this new record?

I consider myself an emotional player and often times my mood and state of mind have a direct impact on the tone and nature of my riffs. As a songwriter, I try to implement many different sounds from various Metal sub genres. Black Metal and some Death metal are the most obvious sounds. I still love older metal like Black Sabbath and Richie Blackmore and many first and second generation black metal bands.  Death Metal has not aged with me as well as black metal and classic metal but I do still enjoy many of the death metal bands from the 90’s. Dissection has been a huge source of inspiration for me. After all these years, ‘Storm of the Light’s Bane’ is still one of my all time favorite albums…and I will never grow tired of Richie Blackmore or Tony Iommi.

Good question, for this full length we will have influences of thrash metal and groove metal for our black death metal. But if you ask about my influences, well I have a lot influences of new school like old school. I began to listen to metal when I was 11 years old, so I am of the new metal era.  I listened to bands like Korn, Slipknot, Godsmack, Mudvayne, early Papa Roach. Of the old school I love Immortal, I also love: Mayhem, Satyricon, Cannibal Corpse and Pantera.  Latin metal influences me as well: Unblessed from Chile, Angeles de las Tinieblas from Argentina, Mortem and Anal Vomit from Peru.  Phil Anselmo supports a lot of black metal bands, and another influence is ambient sounds, some black metal bands are famous for incorporating ambient sounds to make their songs so cold as the first circle of hell, and we get support of our friend: Haniel Adhar of Markradonn, with his amazing synth guitar for some of our songs, he is one of the new Members of the band and now I can say we are a band of brothers.

What was your biggest challenge on this record?

No challenges to speak of. It is as if this entire project is falling into place on its own. Most of the guitar parts were written over a period of about 2 years… The riffs were written in advance, I only had to arrange everything and record the songs in my small home analog recording studio. I then sent the songs to Luis so that he could write the vocal lines. We have enough material between the two of us for 2 or 3 full length albums. I suppose it is safe to say that the only challenge was deciding what songs to use on ‘Esoteric Doors’. We recorded a 4 song demo called Demon and like I said, everything just fell into place. We wrote and recorded the demo over a 2 week period. We have been getting killer reviews and feedback. I have had a lot of people express interest in the full length. I feel very fortunate because Luis has really worked hard at helping me make this album possible. I am really proud of the work that we are doing together on ‘Esoteric Doors’.

Luis: money for the studio (laughs), but the real challenge is making great music for our listeners. My challenge on this record is delivering one of the longest black metal screams, at the same time, I want express all my feelings in every song I sing. I want to make people feel our music, because if you don’t feel the music you can’t be a good artist If you feel the music you create makes a good connection with your fans, that is one of the biggest challenges in this recording. Other challenges we had were combining the influences we have on these recordings, I come from a Nu Metal background, whereas Greg is of the early metal background.

How would you describe Archaic Winter to someone who has not listened to you before?

Like having an interview with Satan before going to hell (evil laugh).

We are a blend of many different styles. We are not afraid to experiment with different sounds. Luis and I agreed that we would place no boundaries on our music. I try to blend tremolo picked minor chords reminiscent of second generation Black Metal with 90’s Death Metal and Classic Metal power chord structures. Unlike many Black Metal bands, I am doing guitar solos. I receive my inspiration for my guitar solos from Metal legends such as Richie Blackmore, Tony Iommi. Luis has an extremely diverse vocal style that is very hellish, he does demonic lows and higher Black Metal shrieks along with an occasional clean voice.

What bands can you recommend to our readers?

To be honest, I am at a point in my life that I am not listening to a lot of new music. I spend most of my free time playing guitar. I am constantly working on and writing my own music. I also spend a lot of time continuing my study of recording and sound engineering. I take audio classes and read everything that I can find on the subject. I record myself every chance that I get in the hopes of finding those elusive sounds that seem to only exist in my head! To put it simple, I am submerged in my own music! But if I do listen to music for enjoyment, it would be older bands such asDissection, VinterlandandSacramentumand just about any good old school metal and I recommend your readers do the same! Many Thanks for this opportunity and many thanks to anyone who gives Archaic Winter support! METAL FOR LIFE!

I like a lot bands from a range of different metal genres.

Death/Thrash metal:
Innerguiltfrom Lebanon,Daycorefrom Colombia.

Black/Death metal:
Offensorfrom Peru,MelankolyandKaoteonfrom Lebanon,Unblessedfrom Chile,Vladfrom Peru, Apolion from Venezuela.

Heavy metal:
Angeles de las tinieblasfrom Argentina,Revengefrom Colombia, of the new school, I can recommend:Cerebral Bore, Area 7from Peru, Jackhammer from Peru.

Melodic/Death metal:Prioratofrom Ecuador,Ekfrom Mexico,Unauthorizedfrom Colombia, and alsoSinate.

Archaic Winter on Reverbnation.


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