Walk Through Fire – Furthest From Heaven

Walk Through Fire - Furthest From Heaven

On first listen, Walk Through Fire sound like a cross between Neurosis and Cult of Luna. Both tremendous bands in their own right, as too are WTF. Having formed in Gothenburg back in 2008, this foursome wreak misery in every chord, roar and beat. The Swedes’ second studio production, serves up a king sized slice of sludge infested down-tempo doom. A thing of real beauty!   Title and opening track ‘Furthest from Heaven’ creeps slowly from an eerily beautiful intro to a fantastically ferocious and anger fuelled doom-clad wonder. Vocalists Ufuk and Andreas demonstrating an enviable twin vocal rage, tried by many, mastered by very few. ‘Through Me They Bleed’ is the album’s weakest song. However, this is not to say that it is a bad song. It merely has less to offer the listener and is unfortunately, rather forgettable in contrast to the rest of the songs on offer. ‘The Dying Sun’ is an incredibly sullen track that stirs the senses with immense heartache, which intertwines majestically with the awe inspiring grind of ‘The Dead Sun’. The artwork of vocalist/guitarist Ufuk Demir compliments the record extremely well, the haunting cover image lingers in the memory long after the disc has stopped spinning. The one downside to this release is that there are only four tracks, one of which is an instrumental.   This album is dark, extremely dark, and I for one cannot wait to witness it performed live later this year on their support slot with London gloomsters, Dead Existence.




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