Omega Massif – Karpatia

Omega Massif - Karpatia

Omega Massif   Since their inception in 2006, German quartet Omega Massif have grown into one of the most respected bands across umpteen genres.   The foursome continue to tick every box on their second full-length – Karpatia. Picking up where previous album Geisterstadt left off, they unleash a plethora of crunching riffs and eerie melodies that stir the senses perfectly.  Opening track Aura unfolds solidly, infiltrating your speakers before erupting in a wall of gloom laden noise. The record gets progressively better on each listen.  Wölfe, thunders along furiously, with crunching guitars and drummer Christof Rath is in fine form on skinpounding duties.  Ursus Arctos is undoubtedly a tip of the hat to Cult of Luna’s “Somewhere Along The Highway”.  Im Karst is a fist-pumping joy to behold. Grinding riffs again the order of the day!  Closing track – Steinernes Meer simmers and sways venomously before exploding into a raucous treat half way through.  In conclusion, there is not a bad song on Karpatia and its most definitely one of the best albums in the genre in recent times.  Check them out for yourself 


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