Lantern For A Gale – Lands More Hostile – Review

Lantern For A Gale - Lands More Hostile

Hailing from the North coast of Ireland, melodic hardcore quintet LFAG have just released their second extended play entitled Lands More Hostile. This release contains five furious paced tracks of refreshingly original material. The dual guitar work of Danny Mc Conaghie and Andy Hasson is excellent and brings to mind early AFI.  The band are awash of ideas, something that has become increasingly more difficult in a genre that is over-crowded. This is just one quality that makes them so appealing.  Opening track ‘As We Sleep’ is a scream along anthem in waiting. The themes that the band cover varies from anger (obviously!), depression and crushed dreams.  Second track ‘Inauthentic Selves’ grows to a thunderous chorus powered by the energetic and infectious drumming of Allan Starrs, providing an amplitude of well placed licks and fills.  The remaining tracks follow a similar path, with ‘Against Diabolum’ being another stand-out offering.  In conclusion, a superb second collection of songs from Lantern For A Gale. Do yourself a favour, check these guys out, their first EP is available to download via band camp for free at the minute. Click here to download.

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