In Mourning – The Weight of Oceans – Review

In Mourning - The Weight of Oceans

The third studio album from Swedish progressive quintet In Mourning retains the consistency in quality that they have fought so hard to earn over their twelve year career. Opening number ‘Colossus’, kicks things off nicely with a fabulous intro that would not sound at all out of place on the soundtrack to the next Terminator movie. It sets the mood for the whole album perfectly, building at the required pace before the eruption of guitars surface two minutes into the record. The rhythm section provides a solid foundation for the rest of the band to shine, thanks in part to the encouragement of their producer Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry). The triple guitar attack from Tobias Netzell, Tim Nedergard and Bjorn Pettersson make their presence known to us in the way they know best, by producing some of the best riffs and dual guitar interplay submitted to record in the last five years. ‘Celestial Tear’ is another example of how broad and majestic their sound can be. With guitarwork that is not too dissimilar to that of Oceansize on their 2005 hit ‘Music for a Nurse’. ‘Sirens’ splits the album perfectly, a beautiful piano solo that compliments the theme of the record very nicely. It must be said that the album also has excellent and fitting artwork by artist Kristian Wahlin. Other tracks of note are the fury of ‘The Drowning Sun’ and the ferocious crunch of ‘Voyage of a Wavering Mind’. Also, watch out for an altogether blistering solo on ‘Convergence’.



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